Transatlantic Fashion Week

“Renowned for glamour, dressing up and unforgettable special occasions, we are delighted to once again bring you Queen Mary 2’s annual Transatlantic Fashion Week.

Join our luxurious flagship for a glamorous array of fashion shows, exhibitions, audiences with our special guests, hosted dinners and more, arriving into New York for New York Fashion Week. Graduates from world famous Fashion College and models from a leading modelling agency will also be on board.”

This is what the website read as the description of this cruise:

British Designer Dame Zandra Rhodes CBE, known for dressing some of the world’s best-known style icons including Freddie Mercury, Jackie Onassis and former Cunard passenger Elizabeth Taylor, showcases her latest collection this week on board Queen Mary 2. The celebrated fashion designer is also joined by highly respected fashion historian and style commentator Colin McDowell MBE and New York Fashion Week Founder Fern Mallis for a series of inspirational talks during the voyage.


Can a balloon improve your photos?

“The trick is to hold the balloon against a built-in flash light. It acts as a diffuser and smoothens out any harsh beams. You can even use different color balloons to experiment with different tones of light. The best part? The cost of this awesome hack is practically $0. This Russian duo is constantly uploading useful photography-orientated content, so check out their channel if you’re looking for more tips”

This is what this two guys are saying about photography and it seems really cool, will it work?

Check out their video below.


Emma Watson refuses to wear a Corset for the Beauty and the Beast remake

Watson, a self-proclaimed feminist and UN Women Global Ambassador, had her own ideas for her role. In addition to making Belle an inventor (you slay, queen), Emma stated in an interview with EW that she would not wear a corset in the remake.

Emma wanted Belle to be an “active” princess, not one who would be held up with a restrictive corset.


Watson worked closely with the designer to ensure it wouldn’t “impede” her backstory of being a princess who actually does more than sit around while still keeping the magical and whimsical Disney Princess feel of a ball-gown.


Emma’s re-imagination of the role is a good place to start in sending this message to kids (and sadly, should also be seen by many adults) of all genders.

Women: we’re here. We’re more than waistlines. And we will continue to trail blaze into 2017 and beyond. Thanks Emma, for taking that message to the big screen.

From Kimonos to Wedding Dresses

It’s not uncommon for modern Japanese weddings to combine Shinto wedding traditions with various elements of Western weddings. Traditionally a Japanese bride would wear a furisode long-sleeve Kimono, but some brides are modifying their garments to add their own unique spin on the traditional Western wedding dress.


By folding the sleeves down and tying them into a decorative bow at the back, their Kimonos are suddenly turned into elegant strapless dresses.


The best part is that because the alterations are all superficial, the wedding dress can easily be turned back into a Kimono. So instead of having a wedding dress that you wear once and then leave in the closet to collect dust forever, why not try something different?


Highway in the sky Dine experience

Maybe you’ve talked about it, or even tried your own dine-around on the Walt Dinsey World Resort Monorail with stops for cocktails, appetizers, dinner and dessert along the way. Now you can sit back and let us take care of the travel plans, making it easier than ever to experience this culinary journey around some of our favorite Disney resorts. The new Highway in the sky Dine-Around gives guests priority boarding on the monorail for an unparalleled dining journey around the circuit between Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort



Then head back to the monorail for a final stop at Disney’s Contemporary Resort for dessert, cordials and coffee on a private patio with the Magic Kingdom Park fireworks over Cinderella Castle as your backdrop.


Disney’s Magic Kingdom Holiday Update

Winter has come to “Magic Kingdoms”, the Disney game where you can build your own kingdom including all your favorite characters, and the Frozen characters are finally joining in a 26 days christmas event.


Other improvement to the general look of the game has been made by bringing the snow into the kingdom and the holiday decorations.img_3542

The Frozen even will have different quests and attractions.

Play continuously to be able to unlock all the characters, buildings and rewards! 🙂